Mr. Lindsey - FAA Licensed Commercial UAW Pilot/Photographer

Welcome to Lenze Imagery LLC! My name is Lindsey, I am the founder and lead photographer of this photography business based in Dallas, Texas. I'm passionate about capturing moments and creating stunning visual stories that connect with people.

My military training, precision machining and senior purchasing experience has taught me the commitment in serving, attention to detail and delivering a quality product.

With a long history in photography, I have developed a keen eye for detail and unique approach to capturing images that tell a story. I specialize in Real Estate Photography, Aerial Photography, videography and portrait and event photography. I've worked with a diverse range of clients across DFW.

At Lenze Imagery LLC, I believe in delivering the highest quality images and exceptional customer service. I work closely with each client to understand their vision and needs, and use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure every shot is perfect. Whether you need professional photography services for your business, event, or a personal project, I'm committed to providing exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Lenze Imagery LLC is FAA Licensed for commercial drone flights, insured and offer professional service.

Thank you for considering Lenze Imagery LLC for your photography needs. Contact me today to learn more about my services or to schedule a consultation.

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Thank you for considering us for your photography and drone service needs. We look forward to working with you and capturing your special moments!